Consultation and Advice

The Middle East is fast becoming a rewarding market for foreign companies, and is becoming a developing and dynamic hub for investment. Doing business there is surrounded by many misconceptions. The complex mix of cultures, religions, nations and people together with the different business mentalities and approaches in that region can be very hard for outsiders to comprehend. It is only by getting the right advise and consultations from an entity that thoroughly understands the technical, commercial, cultural, geopolitical and social challenges in that region, can you proceed with doing business there. This is where True Solutions Inc. proves to be effective. We provide professional consultation and advice to North American companies looking to explore business ventures in Middle Eastern countries.

Our strong network of professional local partners together with our highly credible sources enables us to provide tailored and reliable recommendations to your business ventures. We possess a thorough understanding of how business is conducted in the Mid- Eastern countries and the common challenges facing companies in many industries and businesses.

In addition to many other things, we advise on:

  • Latest market opportunities for you in the region.

  • Threats to the business and protection from risk.

  • New emerging trends and their impact on your business activities.

  • Need for your business.

  • Requirements and duration for setting up the business.

  • Legal requirements and documentations.

  • Full view of the competitive landscape.

  • Current economy and a forecast for future development.

  • Feasibility and viability of business ventures.

  • Contract management and project management.

  • Cultural barriers and their impact on the business.

 ‘Do not Venture Without a clue’




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