Project Management

True Solutions Inc. has a long history in project management in the Middle East because at True Solutions we deal with any job we undertake, no matter how small, as an individual project and we assign to it the right people and resources.  Our planning is usually based on the (SMART) concept. Meaning: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Time bound. When we manage projects in the Middle East, however, we relate the elements of the concept to the business culture in each individual country, and this is usually based on our thorough understanding of the diversified business mentalities and cultures in the different parts of the Middle East region.

In this field we:

  • Can help you with various project interdependencies for informed decision making and successful execution.

  • Provide reliable assistance in different areas such that monitoring, controlling and performance improvements are simplified and you are always familiar with how your project is progressing.

  • Provide Risk assessment and management as bundled into our comprehensive project management services.

  • Handle all project functions and activities to ensure the smooth transition and execution of your project from phase to phase, on budget and within a deadline.

  • Can also provide a customized package that addresses only those aspects of project management you need assistance with.

  • Can manage your project throughout its lifecycle, defining and assigning roles, and ensuring that all management activities are carried out in the right way and within the right time.

‘Every Job is a Project’




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