Contract Management

True Solutions Inc. is capable of managing business contract creation, execution and analysis, while maximizing operational and financial performance and reducing financial risks. True Solutions Inc. offers diversified contract management solutions to North American companies expanding their business horizons to the Middle East markets. The diversity of our solutions relates to the different business mentalities and cultural practices in the different countries of the Middle East.

To achieve your business goals and development in the lucrative markets of the Middle East, True Solutions Inc. offers quick, robust, affordable and result-oriented contract management solutions. We use our resources, experience, knowledge and state of the art technologies to provide you access to lucrative business opportunities in the Middle Eastern markets via a reliable management system.

In this field, True Solutions Inc. offers:

  • Integrated contract execution solutions for leads, service calls, orders and payment details.

  • Standardized sales process associated with management of service contract.

  • Customer segregation through maintenance of profiles and marketing analysis.

  • Accurate billing and invoicing.

  • Inclusion of all delivery costs i.e. raw materials, labor and other expenses.

  • Enhanced resource utilization to meet contractual requirements.

  • Maximization of service quality and profit margins through integrated planning scheduling of service activities.

Having our management in Canada and using state of the art technology and a team of experienced and qualified professionals, you can be assured of reliable and trustworthy implementation of your contract in the designated country. We always abide by all the contractual obligations listed in the contract.

‘Outstanding Creation and Execution’




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