True Solutions Inc. is a Canadian business- focused company established for the purpose of commercially integrating businesses and industrial markets in North America and the Middle East by facilitating activities and procedures for entities willing to do business in these two regions, through well-defined cooperation models. The major key to success in any business endeavor in these regions requires a trustworthy credible business partner with full awareness of the business nature, business culture and the availability of opportunities, clear understanding of the social culture and the business habits of the people and strong presence and proven business insight and capabilities.  Being a Canadian company, True Solutions Inc. has its management in North America / Canada with teams of professional business culture expertise deployed in the Middle East region.





The Middle East is a fast emerging & lucrative market for businesses around the world, especially North America.

Contract Management

Offers contractual execution as well as implementation solutions to European & North American companies expanding.

Feasibility Study

When you invest your dollars, time & effort into a Middle Eastern project, you want to validate (from the outset).

Training Delivery

Effective intercultural dialogue is essential to the success of any project that transcends borders. Without.

  Consultation & Advice

The Middle East, Iraq in particular, is fast becoming a rewarding market for foreign companies. Doing business.



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